Climate protesters deny damaging Van Gogh painting

time:2023-06-03 03:46:37source:BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation) author:Press center5

Three climate protesters have denied damaging a Vincent van Gogh painting at an art gallery in central London.

Just Stop Oil supporters Emily Brocklebank, 23, Xavier Gonzales-Trimmer, 21, and Louis McKechnie, 21 are accused of causing £2,200 worth of damage to the artwork's frame.

The activists allegedly attached themselves to Van Gogh's Peach Trees In Blossom at the Courtauld Gallery.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard the damage to the art is "disputed".

Miss Brocklebank, from Leeds, pleaded not guilty on Friday.

Mr McKechnie, who was produced in custody, also pleaded not guilty.

Mr Gonzales-Trimmer did not attend the hearing.

Aneka Thirurajah, defending, said: "They don't dispute presence but they do dispute involvement."

A one-day trial at the same court will take place on 22 November.

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