Campaigners call for plant-based menus at council

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Ham and cheese sandwiches, along with butter, could be taken off the menu at conferences and events at City Hall in Bristol.

Three campaigners have urged the city council to scrap meat and dairy from the authority's catering and switch to plant-based products.

They told a recent cabinet meeting that it would help the council reduce its carbon emissions and save money.

Deputy mayor Craig Cheney said the council would consider the move.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service said campaigners highlighted the climate crisis when calling on councillors to consider the change.

"Everyone can eat plant-based, it's fairer and more inclusive, particularly important in a diverse city like Bristol," said campaigner Pamela Nowicka.

"Vegetables and pulses are cheaper, more accessible, healthier, and more climate-friendly than animal products."

Michaela Andres added: "This is an amazing opportunity to show climate leadership by stipulating that meals and refreshments supplied are plant-based.

"This is a real chance for Bristol to lead the way on climate action. It's indisputable that we urgently need a major shift away from meat, dairy and fish consumption."

The council is in the process of extending contracts with its caterers before a "full tendering exercise next year", Mr Cheney said, at which point councillors will consider the proposals.

At least two local authorities elsewhere in England have already made the switch to plant-based catering.

Oxfordshire County Council voted to switch in March earlier this year, at a packed meeting which saw TV presenter and farmer Jeremy Clarkson protest the decision with other local farmers.

Cambridge City Council took a similar decision this May, but with exceptions.

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