Insulation and LED bulbs given to some households

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Energy saving materials will be given free to some Isle of Man households, after Tynwald backed an £8m government scheme.

Items like loft insulation and LED lightbulbs can be claimed by those on benefits, pensions, or households earning below £50,000 from 19 December.

Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister Clare Barber said it could have a "big impact" in cutting bills.

It will also help meet targets to slash carbons emissions, she added.

Under the Energy Efficiency Scheme, applicants will only be able to claim listed items, with the total support on offer to an individual or household capped at £750.

An extra £500 is also available to help with installation costs for those receiving pensions or on disability benefits.

Ms Barber said the scheme would have a "longer-term benefit" amid high energy prices by allowing households to "save money now and into the future".

The materials available were ""simple straightforward items that are easy to self-install", she added.

Most of the items will be available to pick up at six depots across the island, while others including smart heating controls and loft insulation can be claimed online.

But Ms Barber warned it "may take time for the whole system to be up and running" due to ongoing supply chain and delivery issues to the island over Christmas.

The £8m earmarked for the scheme has been taken from the government's Climate Change Transformation Fund.

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