Free tree for every Welsh household resumes

time:2023-06-03 02:29:55source:BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation) author:Press center9

Households across Wales are being invited to visit their nearest tree giveaway hub to plant one to help tackle climate and nature problems.

Trees can be collected free of charge as part of a Welsh government plan.

The initiative, run with the Woodland Trust in Wales - Coed Cadw in Welsh - includes more than 50 collection hubs and a total of 295,000 trees available from now up to March 2023.

March this year saw the first 5,000 trees given away.

Their planting will contribute to the National Forest for Wales.

Ten different species of native and broadleaf trees are available to choose from, including hazel, rowan and hawthorn.

Welsh government Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters said: "Trees are a lifeline to us and all of the amazing life that they support.

"As COP27 draws to a close in Egypt, our continued Team Wales effort in fronting up to the climate and nature emergencies is essential.

"By growing a beautiful tree in your own backyard, you can kickstart your contribution and help grow a healthy and happy Wales for us and our future generations to benefit from."

In order to become a net zero carbon emissions by 2050, experts have advised that Wales must plant 86m trees over the next decade.

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